Events for all students


Our workshops are organised together with our partners on themes ranging from insights into the job market and social get-togethers to soft and hard skills 2-hour session.

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BEST Training Week (BTW) is an educational event organised for the students of National University of Science and Technology POLITEHNICA Bucharest, which takes place over a calendar week. The events consist of sessions of activities with companies, relevant people in the industry and specialised trainers, focusing on both soft skills and technical skills necessary for the future graduates.


BESTEM, short for BEST Engineering Marathon, is our 24-hour long hackathon that brings together 150 students from all technical universities in Bucharest to compete in one of the 5 coding challenges provided by our partners.

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Cultural Exchange is a flexible event that will host international students from other LBGs.

Over the course of 4 days, the aim of this event is to acquaint international students with the city of Bucharest and our culture, as well as to foster meaningful friendships and promote European networking.

Participants will engage in cultural and tourist activities with opportunities to interact with the working environment in our area through visits to companies and workshops with key local businesses. As a flexible event, international participants may be joined by students from NUSTPB to take part in the organised activities.

Events for (inter)national students

BEST Course in Summer

Throughout the whole year, BEST organises different activities where students of technology from member universities get the chance to complement their fields of study, discuss educational matters, learn and take their first steps into an international career, increase their international experience, set up contacts, improve their English level and have fun.

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Events for our members

Motivational Weekend & Alumni Meeting

MW&AM is an event meant for our members to strengthen their bond, attend soft skill sessions and team-building workshops, while getting to know some of our alumni and their journey in BEST. Moreover, this event highlights the BEST spirit through its fun activities and parties, as well as traditions.

Department Training Sessions

As we wish to constantly improve ourselves and grow together, we focus on workshops and training sessions for our members, meant to sharpen skills and techniques related to:

Public Relations : there’s no better department for you if you have a passion for catchy texts, captivating ideas and are curious to learn the arts of attracting students into participating at our various events.

Design : here we learn how to use design tools such as Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Canva and other apps. We let our BESTies imagination run free, get creative, whilst learning and respecting BEST Visual Identity.

Fundraising : this is where you become a master at writing emails, get acquainted with a semi-corporate and formal environment and learn how to promote BEST and its values externally in order to fund our events.

IT team : discover endless opportunities in the world of tech with just a laptop and a burning curiosity! Dive into the realm of programming languages and unlock the door to full-stack development. As you master the art of coding, you’ll open up a world of job opportunities in the booming tech industry.

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