Our Story

Our Story

Developing students since 1995. Because we can.

Board of European Students of Technologies (BEST) is an international organisation founded in 1989 with the aim to help students develop abilities and continuous partnerships in a flexible and dynamic environment.

As BEST Bucharest, we started our journey in 1994 and became a full member of the BEST family in 1997 during the Belgium General Assembly.

Our main goal is to develop students through unconventional means, helping them reach their full potential through the opportunities offered by our events. We strongly believe in the value of complementary education among students, thus we focus on sharpening both soft skills and technical abilities, as well as working in a multicultural environment.

So far, we can proudly say that we have organised:


Academic Courses


Engineering Competitions


Career Events


Cultural Exchanges


Hackathon Editions


RECOM (partnership ERASMUS+)


Leisure Events

We at BEST believe that meaningful things come from a strong community so we developed our dynamic based on our vision of an

Empowered Diversity

and our mission of

Developing students

We have 5 core values, altogether representing the foundation of our motivation:



We seek the ability to make changes and deal with changing conditions. We are open to everything new. We value and raise the ability of being mobile and to quickly respond to changes in the environment or any other obstacles that we face.


We strive to continuously improve the standards in everything we do. We use all our creativity to enhance the way we work. This is to guarantee the constant development of our actions.


We enjoy everything we do. We value the positive emotions of the people involved in our actions. We strive to make our activities enjoyable for everybody who is connected to them. We act with passion and strive to share this passion with the people around us.


We build good relationships in which people help, support and care for one another. We value good personal relations and teamwork. We focus on each person involved in our activities and in this way we create synergy.


We gain skills and understanding through experience. We value everything we learn through the experience of being involved in our activities and we strive to learn as much as possible from every aspect of our work. We value personal development and strive for an open learning community, where we have the freedom to share and develop ideas.

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