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European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is the biggest engineering competition in Europe. Every year, EBEC gathers European students from all over the continent in order to test their practical skills, creativity and teamwork in completing a given engineering task.

The competition has a pyramidal structure, starting with 87 local stages, followed by 15 national or regional rounds, which designate the winning teams of each country or region where the event is organized.

Usually, EBEC would have ended with an international stage, in which the aforementioned teams would have participated in the EBEC international final. However, this year, due to internal affairs, this stage has been cancelled.

At the final stage of the previous edition, held in Brno, Czech Republic, the representatives of Romania and Republic of Moldova managed to get the first place, both at Case Study and Team Design.

You can sign up as a team, but also individually; and if you don’t have a team, BEST Bucharest will assign you the necessary number of additional members to complete the team.

BEST proposes to contestants two types of tasks:

  • Team Design

    Participants will compete against each other in an “against-the-clock challenge”, trying to build a prototype using unconventional materials, which will be testing their knowledge in various technical fields and much more.

  • Case Study

    The participating teams will face real or hypothetical issues, exercising their analytical skills, strategic thinking and presentation abilities.

  • Conquer Europe!

    The winning teams will advance to the regional tier (EBEC Romania & Republic of Moldova), from where they will get the chance to qualify to the final phase of the competition, which takes place every year in one of the 32 countries BEST is present in.
    Get ready, set, go!

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