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In order to sign up for a course, you have to follow these steps:

  • 1. Make an account on;
  • 2. Fill in your personal profile in proportion of at least 70%;
  • 3. Look for courses in the list available at and apply (you can apply for more than one course);
  • 4. Fill in the following form (add your full name, faculty, e-mail address and photos of the first two pages of your student card):

BEST courses are a unique opportunity for technical university students around Europe. They offer participants the chance to learn new and interesting things in an unusual matter. Students accepted for such a course will have the chance to combine work and pleasure — they will take part in academic activities on the topic of the course, but they will also have the occasion to visit the town and go sightseeing with people from all over the continent.

Depending on the theme of the course, academic activities can include course hours, company visits, trainings, case studies etc. Ultimately, knowledge gained throughout the event is certified by a diploma.

BEST courses are held each season by Local BEST Groups. Such courses are available only to students of technical universities within which there exists a Local BEST Group.

After the application process, a number of 20–25 students are selected, based on their applications. They are the ones who will have the chance to spend 10–14 unforgettable days during which they will attend 30–40 hours of academic activities, visit the host town, take part in social activities held especially for them and meet other fellow engineering students who share the same interests and passions as them.

Summer courses are a tradition for BEST Bucharest. The involvement of the members and tight teamwork turn the events into real successes.

BEST Bucharest has organised, in the 29 June – 9 July 2017 period, the 29th edition of the international summer course, dedicated to students from 32 European countries. This year, the course has brought together students from: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine. „The Wolf of BEST Street” aimed at introducing students to the intricate universe of business and start-ups. Through course hours, seminars, trainings and company visits, students learned how to develop and manage their own business. In the end, there was an assessment of their knowledge, that took place in the form of a team presentation.

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