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EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition)

The biggest engineering competition in Europe.

Each year, EBEC gathers the brightest student minds, in order to challenge their creativity, critical and practical thinking, as well as their teamwork skills.
The competition has a pyramidal structure: starting from the Local Rounds, the teams that propose the most efficient, creative and successful solutions advance to the National and Regional Rounds.
The winners of these rounds get to participate in the Final Round of EBEC, which will be held in Italy this coming year.
We challenge you to join EBEC on 12-13th December. Take three more friends and show us your engineering side! Registration is open until the 4th of December. You do not have the entire team formed up? No worries! Just apply and we will take care of the matching!

Case Study and Team Design


There are two challenges, perfect for any engineer. You, alongside your team, must tackle one of these two, in order to prove your mettle.

Team Design

This year, we are testing your imagination and technicality, as you will have to face the challenge of designing an unconventional prototype by using a design software.

Case Study

Show the world your resolve and practicality as you will have to find solutions for real or hypothetical problems, proving you can combine your creativity and resourcefulness into the most amazing presentation.

Interested in showing us what you've got? Sign up now and join the fun!

Case Study and Team Design of the Past

Sneak Peek + Fun Facts

Take a look at some of the projects that have resulted from past editions of EBEC


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